Truth in Vision Tech Corps-Our Mission.

Welcome to a project that’s been some time in the dreaming up now; a way to improve on how we help people help themselves. Our mission is simple; to spread the light of awareness through the cyberpolitical world. We’re offering a wide variety of services. We are social media managers, political analysts, researchers, and more. We’re going to be implementing the Double Donation system, also known as the Walk on By System, due to the transitory nature of any computerized materiel that comes in through the Donations form; the plan is that we refurbish it, clean it up, and get it off down the road to the people who need it, e.g. disabled persons, school kids kindergarten through college, veterans of any age or status, and occasionally ourselves. We’re also planning to start up our own newsletter and circulate that monthly, on and offline. But nothing in the world comes for free, it sometimes seems. Help us to help our country. This will be a big job, and we’re going to need you. Come by anytime.

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